Our garden is located directly beside Ox and Angela right off 17th avenue. Yes you can grow things in Calgary! Thanks to the incredible efforts of the Leaf Ninjas who specialize in SPIN farming they are committed to pioneering healthy and productive relationships between humans and the ecosystems they interact with. We were able to "borrow" some property from our neighbour, cart in organic top soil, build an intricate underground irrigation system using rain water collected from our building to ensure chlorine free watering for our food. We use no chemicals either in pesticides or fertilizers, but work with the microbial balance of the soil to ensure healthy, strong plants and encourage house guests such as ladybugs to thrive and eat possible pests through planting dill and other foods they love.

Our goal with this garden and the Leaf Ninjas goal through their work is to control where some of our menu items are coming from and "to create a diverse edible garden that provides habitat for beneficial birds and insects, enhances biodiversity, builds precious top soil, harvests rain water, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere."

Our garden currently supplies produce to UNA Pizza + Wine & Ox and Angela Restaurant | Tapas